1The Crosslines - Give Me Your Love839Retro song2017-02-16
2Don Amore - Love Tonight (Nrg Nostalgic Mix)326Retro song2017-02-16
3Mirko Hirsch - Second Sighting (Extended Vocoder Mix)622Retro song2017-02-16
4Zoltan Erika - Youre My Love Youre My Life(Remixed By Dj Dali)1445Retro song2017-02-16
5Space Purr - Flower Planet419Retro song2017-02-16
6A - Ha - The Sun Always Shines On Tv (500 Channels & Nothings On Instrumental Dub Mix)733Retro song2017-02-16
7Cappella - Move On Baby (Gypnorion Remix)725Retro song2017-02-16
8Mike Mareen - Dont Talk To The Snake (12 Version)522Retro song2017-02-16
9Double Take - When You Said Hello (12 Version)420Retro song2017-02-16
10New Baccara - Fantasy Boy (Dj Ikonnikov E.X.C Version)526Retro song2017-02-16
11Alesis - Steppin Up ( Maxi Version 1986 )415Retro song2017-02-16
12Bruce & Bongo - Geil ( Geilomatick Mix 1986 )624Retro song2017-02-16
13K. Barré - Right By The Moon (Vocal Version)417Retro song2017-02-16
14Hexamode - Enjoy The Silence (M-Kay Remix)416Retro song2017-02-16
15Floorfilla - Komputermelody (Sejixmusic Feat. Cafdaly Remix)723Retro song2017-02-16
16Wr - Life Is Life (Opus)929Retro song2017-02-16
17London Boys - London Nights (Dj Nikolay-D Remix )1126Retro song2017-02-16
18Savage - Radio (My Fantasy)622Retro song2017-02-16
19Silent Circle - Touch In The Night (Denis Osyanin Remix)622Retro song2017-02-16
20Silent Circle - Moonlight Affair (Maxi Version)416Retro song2017-02-16
21Maxx - Get-A-Way (Dj X-Kz & Dj Anatolevich Remix 2016) (Eurodance Version)823Retro song2017-02-16
22Modern Talking - Youre My Heart, Youre My Soul (Dj Chris Da Bull Remix)830Retro song2017-02-16
23Dario Silver - Lonely In The Name Of Love315Retro song2017-02-16
24Sabrina - Boys (Dj Lovkei Remix)824Retro song2017-02-16
25Lisa Fiore - Say Hello (And Not Goodbye)(Maxi Version)516Retro song2017-02-16
26Beata - Maria Magdalena (K.C. Nightline Club Mix)423Retro song2017-02-16
27Grant Miller - (Find My) Tracks In The Snow (12 Version)413Retro song2017-02-16
28Ken Laszlo Vs. Disco Dice - Hey Hey Guy (House Dub)923Retro song2017-02-16
29Heart Attack - I Was Made For Loving You310Retro song2017-02-16
30Naomi - Chiamami (Call Me) (Dub Mix)610Retro song2017-02-16
31Alberto Costa - Part Of Me (Djfunny Radio Edit)412Retro song2017-02-16
32Dieter Bohlen - Love Me On The Rocks (Dj Alex Dolce Remix)714Retro song2017-02-16
33Birizdo I Am - Fire In My Heart47Retro song2017-02-16
34Fancy - Bodyguard (12 Version)415Retro song2017-02-16
35Lian Ross - Say You Ll Never (Dj Nikolay-D Remix )610Retro song2017-02-16
36Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Max R. Remix)626Retro song2017-02-16
37The Flirts Feat Linda Jo Rizzo - Disco Hit Mix (Youre My First Youre My Last Fly Me High Heartflash 812Retro song2017-02-16
38Jan Wayne Meets Lena - Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Dub Mix)818Retro song2017-02-16
39L-Vira - Talking Bout Rambo (Extended Version)413Retro song2017-02-16
40Dj Maxwell - All That She Wants (F.M. Edit) [Feat. Vivian B]517Retro song2017-02-16
41Double You - Dancing With An Angel (Oliver Twist Remix)412Retro song2017-02-16
42Kriga, Laura L., Starr System - One Way Ticket (Instrumental Mix)59Retro song2017-02-16
43Groove Addiction - Live Is Life (Club Mix)514Retro song2017-02-16
44La Bouche - Be My Lover (Sergey Zar Extended Mix)1027Retro song2017-02-16
45Status Quo - In The Army Now (Yastreb Remix)924Retro song2017-02-16
46The Hurricanes - Only One Night (Extended)313Retro song2017-02-16
47Mirifico Feat. Soraya Vivian - Self Control (Mike Jolly Remix)618Retro song2017-02-16
48Energy Club - Colour Of Love (Hi-Nrg Vocal Mix)315Retro song2017-02-16
49Monte Kristo - Lady Valentine (12 Version)516Retro song2017-02-16
50Retronic Voice - Sea Of Life510Retro song2017-02-16