1Glover-Faces (Zurez Remix)18110House & Electro2017-02-16
2Tenzin Timmy Trumpet-Horny (Chardy Remix)22100House & Electro2017-02-16
3Jono Fernandez-Hear Me (Feat. Katrina Noorbergen) Digital Lab Remix1389House & Electro2017-02-16
4Jason Herd-This Is What We Came For (Feat. Sherry St Germain)1272House & Electro2017-02-16
5Kaz James-Drums (Ivan Gough Remix)1468House & Electro2017-02-16
6Dirty Laundry-We Could Be One (Whelan And Discala Remix)1362House & Electro2017-02-16
7Kid Massive Databoy-Horizon (Skyden And Piero Remix)960House & Electro2017-02-16
8Antonio Giacca-Ignited (Extended Mix)949House & Electro2017-02-16
9Glover-Hold On (Jay Sounds Remix)1150House & Electro2017-02-16
10Sick Individuals-Lights Of Neon947House & Electro2017-02-16
11Those Usual Suspects-Give It To Me (Feat. Jay Sebag) Whelan And Discala Remix944House & Electro2017-02-16
12Chris Lake-Helium (Feat. Jareth) Extended Mix1049House & Electro2017-02-16
13Kaz James Christian Luke-King738House & Electro2017-02-16
14Baby Gee-Months And Years741House & Electro2017-02-16
15Kaskade Rebecca Fiona-Turn It Down1040House & Electro2017-02-16
16Morgan Page-Open Heart (Feat. Lissie) M35 Remix844House & Electro2017-02-16
17Kaz James Ivan Gough-Inside Your Arms (Extended Mix)835House & Electro2017-02-16
18Kaz James Jono Fernandez-Stars527House & Electro2017-02-16
19Sean Declase-Invincible (Oskar Remix)528House & Electro2017-02-16
20Jason Herd Stafford Brothers-Wicked Child (Feat. Sherry St.Germain) Paris And Simo Remix935House & Electro2017-02-16
21Tommy Trash-Wake The Giant (Feat. Jhart) Glover Remix831House & Electro2017-02-16
22Bass Kleph-Flashing Lights (Feat. Ron E)526House & Electro2017-02-16
23Ludovika-Generations (Feat. Trevor Andrew) Karboncopy Remix627House & Electro2017-02-16
24Bobby Vena Andy Murphy-Lets Go All In (Feat. Livingstone) Whelan And Di Scala Remix1134House & Electro2017-02-16
25Jono Fernandez-Lights Are Fading (Feat. Twin Atoms) Bass Kleph Remix526House & Electro2017-02-16
26Samual James Zac Waters-Magnetic528House & Electro2017-02-16
27Jimi Frew-Trouble (Feat. Sherry St Germain) Wasteland Remix726House & Electro2017-02-16
28R3hab Nervo Ummet Ozcan-Revolution (Vocal Mix)1238House & Electro2017-02-16
29Joeysuki-Golden Tracks623House & Electro2017-02-16
30Disfunktion-Ah Yeah527House & Electro2017-02-16
31Chris Kaye-Hypnotize (Feat. Sean Declase)726House & Electro2017-02-16
32Edx-Angry Heart (Feat. Sam Obernik) Antonio Giacca Remix828House & Electro2017-02-16
33Gareth Emery-U (Feat. Bo Bruce) Wandw Remix825House & Electro2017-02-16
34Jono Fernandez Pauls Paris-Let It Out (Feat. Amba Shepherd) Jono Fernandez Remode848House & Electro2017-02-16
35Arthur dAmour - Inspiration Vibes (Original Mix)2078House & Electro2017-02-14
36Manuel Riva and Eneli - Mhm Mhm (Monkey MO Remix)1573House & Electro2017-02-14
37Danny Kolk - Oh Oh Oh (Octavio Garcia Remix)1371House & Electro2017-02-14
38Aaron J - Sax Bounce (Original Mix)1665House & Electro2017-02-14
39Barkley - Only U (Original Club Mix)1449House & Electro2017-02-14
40Thomas Hayes & Nobra ft. Ruby Prophet - We Can Be Beautiful (Loax Remix)1655House & Electro2017-02-14
41kipp kyron - Samba (Original Mix)1152House & Electro2017-02-14
42MzR - Signals (Spherical Bloom Remix)1043House & Electro2017-02-14
43Alex Bigi - Move Your Body (Original Mix)1458House & Electro2017-02-14
44DJ Kirillich - Wild Child (Original Mix)1146House & Electro2017-02-14
45Jay n Ar - Give It (Original Mix)1138House & Electro2017-02-14
46Aya, Rare Candy - Money (Extended Mix)1144House & Electro2017-02-14
47Kenshin Heiken - D.A.N.C.E (Original Mix)1245House & Electro2017-02-14
48Airdeep - Here With You (Finn Remix)836House & Electro2017-02-14
49Dylexia - Cant Stop (Original Mix)736House & Electro2017-02-14
50Moonlight Tunes - Feel The Earthquake (Original Mix)838House & Electro2017-02-14