1Global Defence - Paradise (Original Mix)61369ClubSound2017-10-10
2DrugOnMode - Undead Drugon (Original Mix)29245ClubSound2017-10-10
3Kokab - Got U (Ready Or Not) (NoizBasses Bootleg)46236ClubSound2017-10-10
4Victor Ark & Daniela - Bacia Me (Helio De Souza & Vinicius Remix)50216ClubSound2017-10-10
5Trobi & Boaz van de Beatz feat. Adika & KaliBwoy - U Dont Know (Original Mix)34185ClubSound2017-10-10
6Damian Spider - Atlantic Ft.Treyy G (Original Mix)35175ClubSound2017-10-10
7How2 Groove - Get Nasty (Dub Mix)48165ClubSound2017-10-10
8Cat Dealers & Groove Delight - Calabria (Extended Mix)56201ClubSound2017-10-10
9Kato feat. Jon - Turn The Lights Off (YASTREB Radio Edit)31167ClubSound2017-10-10
10Disco Ballz, Depth Phunk - I Can Feel It (Original Mix)27176ClubSound2017-10-10
11Mieczyk & HouseKeepKing feat. BBK - Saxy Lola (More Saxy Mix)30143ClubSound2017-10-10
12Reel 2 Real - Move It (VARO Remix)65211ClubSound2017-10-10
13Javi Colina, Quoxx, Vicente Ferrer, Victor Perez - Every Body Dance Now (Paul Jockey Remix)53174ClubSound2017-10-10
14Tiesto - Carry You Home (Lister Bootleg)26173ClubSound2017-10-10
15The Motans Feat INNA - Nota De Plata (Deejay Killer & Adriano Nunez Remix)34158ClubSound2017-10-10
16Calvin Shock - Sexy Bitch (Original Club Mix)36186ClubSound2017-10-10
17The bulldogs - Bounty Killer (Original Mix)43126ClubSound2017-10-10
18Trobi & Boaz Van de Beatz feat. Adika & KaliBwoy - U Dont Know (Extended Mix)30129ClubSound2017-10-10
19Dj Kuba & Neitan - Party On! (BooBy Remix)35159ClubSound2017-10-10
20Dave Mak & Daengza X Disk Show - Fiesta (Original Mix)22120ClubSound2017-10-10
21Dua Lipa - Bang Bang (Taboo Remix)38178ClubSound2017-10-10
22Unobo - Its Raining Men (Club Mix)27129ClubSound2017-10-10
23Kygo feat. Justin Jesso - Stargazing (Kahikko Remix)39150ClubSound2017-10-10
24Mike Epsse X Percy - Polka (Original Mix)20117ClubSound2017-10-10
25Simioli, Charlise, Adam De Maaral - Take Your Time (Extended Mix)28108ClubSound2017-10-10
26P!nk - Get The Party Started (Tom Sparks Bootleg)56170ClubSound2017-10-10
27DOPEDROP - GetEm High (Original Mix)22120ClubSound2017-10-10
28Beatrich,HIDDN - Bang Bang feat. Beatrich (Original Mix)31102ClubSound2017-10-10
29Tiesto x Hardwell x Bassjackers x Jay Hardway - Mad Mariachi Scream (Funbite Mashup)32135ClubSound2017-10-10
30Kayzo & Riot - Wake Up (Odd Mob Bootleg)2198ClubSound2017-10-10
31Jay Sean feat. Sean Paul - Make My Love Go (DamiaN Remix)25148ClubSound2017-10-10
32How2 Groove - Get Nasty (Original Mix)31100ClubSound2017-10-10
33Dario Nunez - THE SUMMER IS MAGIC (Original Mix)38120ClubSound2017-10-10
34Cash Cash - All My Love feat. Conor Maynard (Misha K)25107ClubSound2017-10-10
35Tomy Montana-Novella (All I Need) (Original Mix)47114ClubSound2017-10-10
36Cristian Poow - Loving Disco (Terrace Mix)32116ClubSound2017-10-10
37Unobo - Its Raining Men (Eddie Veck Extended Mix)21104ClubSound2017-10-10
38Alfons - Basta Boi (M!KE Bootleg)19107ClubSound2017-10-10
39DJ Wady, Rio Dela Duna, Dvit Bousa - Revolution (Original Mix)29105ClubSound2017-10-10
40The Motans Feat INNA - Nota De Plata (Deejay Killer & Adriano Nunez Remix)20107ClubSound2017-10-10
41Swingman - Baby (I Need You) (Kid Massive Edit)24108ClubSound2017-10-10
42Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Hugh Graham Bootleg)34156ClubSound2017-10-10
43Elmambro vs. Gamba - Express (Gary Caos vs. Doctow Mawe! Remix)30117ClubSound2017-10-10
44Kygo - Star Gazing (Nath Jennings Bootleg)30126ClubSound2017-10-10
45Avicii ft. Alessandro Cavazza - Without You (Melo.Kids Remix)49158ClubSound2017-10-10
46Aqua - Barbie Girl (Minardo Bootleg)43157ClubSound2017-10-10
47Jude & Frank, Raul Mendes, Havoc, Lawn, Leandro Da Silva - Alegria (Federal Music Anthem 2017)37115ClubSound2017-10-10
48Eddie Cuesta - Its You Baby (Original Mix)24103ClubSound2017-10-10
49Dj marTyr - Everybody Make It Bounce (Original Mix)1799ClubSound2017-10-10
50Delyno - Private Love (Helio De Souza & Vinicius Remix)2297ClubSound2017-10-10